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How about copying all recipes from from one project to another?

I can copy steps from a prepare recipe from one project to another but there should be options to copy all recipes from one project to another such as join recipe and suppose I want to keep a few of my steps common for all projects, then I don't have to them every time for all projects.

what do you think?



I think a macro function would be really nice - a super-recipe made of other recipes. If this could be saved and version controlled independently, then copied to any project with inputs and outputs replaced, it'd save a lot of time rebuilding standard workflows across projects. The mapping utility from the stack recipe could be used to replace specific column names.


Have you explored the 'application-as-recipe' capabilities?

In a nutshell, they're designed to allow you to package a flow into a recipe that you can reuse in other projects. This Knowledge Base article on Applications and app-as-recipe might be an interesting read.


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This is pretty close to what I was looking for! It definitely works, though ideally it could work for any portion of a flow rather than an entire project - if this could apply at the flow zone level rather than the project level for example, that'd be even better. It also may be worth promoting this feature up a little higher in the UI - this is way too useful to be hidden under a menu. In any case, I'm excited to test the current version of this feature out!

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