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GPTchat or other LLM coding support in Dataiku Python Jupyter Notebooks

User Story:

As a Analyst Level user of Dataiku’s Jupyter Notebooks, it would be great to have GPTchat coding support in the Jupyter Notebook environment to support python coding.  

Conditions of Satisfaction:

  • Very low setup complication. Should be no harder than getting R or image exporting working.  Preferably, fully built in out of the box. It would be OK if it were a plug-in.   

Nice to Have:

  • it would be great to have support for other languages including
    • R
    • SQL
  • it would be great to have a bit of prompt engineering that would let the LLM know that it is working in a Dataiku environment.  I do note that at least ChatGPT has some awareness of the Dataiku Python Libraries.  


There are a few browser based Jupyter Notebook plugins that provide this feature set.  As an early iteration on this idea might be a simple recommendation about which one works best.

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Status changed to: In Backlog