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Filtering Editable Datasets

User Story:

As an analyst being asked to hand modify some moderate-sized datasets (8-10k rows) I would like to be able to filter an editable dataset down to a few rows before I make row-level changes.  This feature would likely improve the performances of the edit UI for updating editable Datasets and increase the speed and accuracy of data changes being made by hand.

Conditions of Satisfaction:

1. Filters should be applicable to 1 or multiple columns.

Nice to have items:

1. It would be great if all typical sample and column filtering would work on this interface page.


One potential quick implementation of this might be to have the edit screen adhere to the sample filter for the table.  

Status changed to: In Backlog

Hi Tom ! 

Thanks for submitting this idea and for sharing the context around why it would be useful to you. You'll be pleased to hear this idea is in our backlog--and we are determining the next steps for development. We can't provide a timeline at this point, but be sure to check back for updates.





Thanks for the update.  I look forward to hearing more about this as things developen.


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This would be incredibly useful for my organization.


Welcome to the Dataiku Community.

Thanks for Up Voting this idea.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged