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Exporting Dates to MS Excel

User Story:

As a Data Analyst, I'd like to be able to export Dataiku Datasets into MS Excel files and have the parsed Date Time come through into MS Excel as MS Excel DataTime Columns not Text strings in the style of an ISO Data Time, this would save time and reduce confusion on the part of date consumers.


  • Problem was discovered in Dataiku DSS V8.0.4

cc: @AshleyW 

Level 6

This would be great! We're also constantly importing and exporting Excel datasets with datestamps at my company. It would be great if both the Excel import and export capabilities could support Excel's DateTime object (64-bit floating point number of days since 1900-01-01 plus a day for the leap year bug in 1900). My team often uses prepare recipes to convert these, but it would be much better if DSS were to natively support them. Even when using a prepare recipe to transform dates to Excel format before export, since we can't set the format hint from Dataiku to indicate that these floating point timestamps should be treated as such, we currently have to open the exported files in Excel and manually format them as dates.


@natejgardner ,

Agreed.  You understand my pain.