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Embed Dataiku Objects: Workspaces, Apps, Dashboards

Hi Team

I've seen a few community posts over the years requesting embed options for Dataiku objects - e.g. dashboards, other web apps, etc. We've happened on a few use cases now where our apps team or another development team wants to integrate some of the things we create on DSS. I know we can use Python APIs and build integrations with the app, but it'd be much easier for our data team to create in DSS and share akin to embed codes like in Tableau, Power BI and the like.

DSS workspaces have started becoming analytics hubs we link out to and can control more effectively versus requesting app team adjustments, for instance. Being able to embed a workspace would be fantastic as well.

Authentication we handle internally to DSS at this point, where it's fine if the user happens to see one more auth screen.



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It would be naïve to assume organizations have just 1 BI solution or that all users of these solutions are power users. 

Not being able to embed things such as web apps into other applications creates more headache than should really be necessary. In a large organization with dashboards in Tableau, PowerBI, Dataiku, etc. it is almost a necessity to be able to send users to a dashboard or screen where they are not confused with another banner of links and buttons to confuse them. At a minimum there needs to be a way to hide the top banner and see web apps full screen. 

This would create a much smoother user experience for teams which utilize a large toolset or reporting solutions. It helps keep people on point and not distracted by the extra menus and links. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @importthepandas,

Thank you for the suggestion, I've moved this idea to "acknowledged" status as we already have a similar idea in backlog that we are currently considering. The need for embeddable object is understood and for the moment it might concern only authenticated users.

Best regards, Alain