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Coder Love: Support for JupyterLab

JupyterLab will eventually replace Jupyter notebook. Lab offers a much more IDE like experience with better collaboration for coders, including debuggers and other extensions that help coders tremendously. Notebook interfaces are notorious for producing dirty code. While JupyterLab is not perfect, it helps to organize code and supporting files and folders more effectively than a standalone notebook. It would enhance the quality of code in python recipes on the flow due to better documentation features and markdown + console support in a single view. Consoles would allow for more effective testing and keep books clean. My team spends a ton of time surfing through old code and test code in notebooks. Thus we spend a significant amount of time "productionizing" code in Dataiku before projects can be merged to main and deployed to auto.

Default features like expanding and collapsing, dragging and dropping cells help organize and enhance collaboration. Side by side views and window organization help coders to be more effective on the Dataiku platform.

One key feature that's highly enjoyable for collaboration is kernel sharing. My team is global and all virtual now because of COVID. With standard Jupyter notebooks, our data science leads need to re-run time intensive/costly cells to catch up to a point where an analyst or another colleague needs help.

A user could push various notebooks in a lab session to the flow sequentially. One potential aspect to account for is the inherent filesystem.

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Well it looks like JupyterLab didn't make the v11 cut. By v11 I mean the Dataiku version that has been announced but not yet released 🙂

Personally I think Code Studios is a much better approach than integrating JupyterLab. But I will be interested to know if JupyterLab is still coming and what features are still missing now that v11 "will" have Code Studios.

Hi @Turribeach

Well, I think there is hope it will be there, as it shown on the new features videos. See the screen shot here:

Jupterlab template in "Code Studios"Jupterlab template in "Code Studios"







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Ah nice, we shall have a look when v11 comes out (in the real world not the PR world) 😉



Just a quick update following the latest comments. JupyterLab is indeed part of a new feature called Code Studio. In fact Code Studio will allow to run your own web IDE managed by DSS, it can be JupyterLab but also RStudio or VSCode (to which we will provide builtin templates so the setup should be very simple).

v11 is not far away at all so be ready 😉

Status changed to: Delivered

You asked for it... we did it!

Thanks to the newly introduced Code Studios feature in Dataiku 11, you can now use JupyterLab to edit (and debug!) Python recipes and libraries.

Checkout this video that shows how it looks like:

Code Studios is documented here:

And to learn how to run JupyterLab in DSS using a Code Studio template, you can read this paragraph: