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Allow categorical aggregations in charts

When displaying data in charts, there's no way to display, for example, the distinct count of a categorical column as a measure. A workaround is to compute this in a group recipe, but it'd be much easier to throw ad-hoc charts together if categorical aggregations could be computed directly from within the charts tab. Optimally, even fields treated as numerical could be converted to be treated as categorical measures that can then be counted. I can't think of anything other than distinct count that would be useful to add here, since count of records is already an option.

Status changed to: Planned

Congrats - we've added this to our roadmap! While timelines are always tricky, we'll let you know how it's progressing as updates are available

If you've kudoed the post or added some comments about your particular use case, we may reach out to get some feedback.

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Status changed to: Delivered


We did it!

Your idea has become reality and is now available in Dataiku 11. You'll not only be able to perform COUNT and COUNTD in charts, but also perform them on alphanumerical columns 😎.

Click here to learn more about what's in this latest release or check out the release notes for details. You may be interested to learn we've also released a massively upgraded pivot table and have expanded label formatting capabilities as well for charts.