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dataiku plugin development

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dataiku plugin development
Problem statement : In dataiku Plugin , If I click add button it gives input field (parquet file details - source link, column names..) this will trigger automatically modify recipe.json & run
Simply - add details in UI form and details be permanent  until modified. That should make change in recipe.json .
Right Iam planning is 
Parameter set ----> will modify the recipe.json.
Here I got struct 
1.In Parameter set UI  - I need to add the button. If I click that button keep on, that should generate the set of input fields and drop on UI features in the same form.
2. After submitting or saving form that should modify the recipe.json
If you give details of the above problem to resolve . It will be great helpful.
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For this I think you have to make a custom UI with AngularJS, ΗΤΜL. I don't think it's possible only with just the .json file. You can look more info here: Other topics — Dataiku DSS 11 documentation (Custom UI settings).

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