Export more datasets with Power-Bi Plugin

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Export more datasets with Power-Bi Plugin


I'm trying to export my outputs datasets with Power Bi plugin, but when i did it, i was only able to export one dataset and i don't know how to export more than one. 

I tried to export to folder but i couldn't  select more than one either. 

someone know how to do it? 


Julio Cezar

from Brazil.

Operating system used: Windows

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Hello Julio,

I hope things are going great on your side.

Unfortunately for the moment it's only possible to export one dataset at the same time using the Power-Bi plugin; However, we've created a feature request couple of months ago as other customers were also asking for this feature and we hope to include it soon in a future release.

If you could also raise a request under 'ideas', it will push this request to have more visibility as well:


Hope this information helps and I hope you have a nice day!

Best Regards,


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