DataIKU and Power BI

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DataIKU and Power BI

Hello, all!



Do you now, how to connect DSS with Power BI. 

1 variant. We can download files from Dataiku, after import them into Power BI, and make dashboards. 

2 variant. We can send data from Dataiku to sql servers, and connect Power BI to sql servers. 

3 variant. Is it possible to connect Dataiku files with Power BI directly ? without download or sql. Direct connection ? 

I am interested in 3rd variant. For example, i have cleaned, and prepare some data, after i have made some predictions, after i want directly connect this data with Power BI. Is it possible ? 

I have found Power BI plugin, but i can't understand how to use it :(. OR  i should have premium license of Power BI? It depends of license type ?  

(I am sorry, for repeating questions. But i can't understand previous blogs about power bi)


thank you)) 

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The following is just an idea.  I've not tried this setup.  I do know that Power BI can access a REST API.

I know that DSS can make various kinds of data available via REST APIs.

I'm wondering about creating a rest API for the dataset you want to expose to your users.

Interested in discussing this further.  Let me know.  (We might find a time for a chat.)


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@tshynarbekova ,

There is also the Dataiku Power BI Plugin.

However, the plugin does seem to make a number of assumptions about the technology you have available to you and how you might want to use this data.


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 @tshynarbekova Along with what @tgb417 has already mentioned, and while you wait for more responses, take a look at this thread, which may be helpful as well (mostly related to using the Plugin). 

Exporting dataset to Power BI 

I hope this all helps!

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