Creating Plugins to extend Dataiku DSS

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Creating Plugins to extend Dataiku DSS


I have been using Dataiku DSS for some time and love it's functionalities although at times I would like to add something to it. Has anyone created some sort of a cheat sheet of different things we can do to extend DSS, one of them would be to write our own plugins.

Any resources (blogs, Dataiku docs, etc...) to do just this would be highly appreciated. I'm thinking some or most of you here have been through this beaten path before so I could use some wisdom from you to make my journey more effective and efficient.

Look forward to your views and responses.



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@neomatrix369 Have you looked here: Dataiku created some content for plugin development. Was there a specific type (recipe, ml algorithm, dataset, etc.) or functionality you were looking to implement?

I have only ever created a few plugins, and they were all recipes. I found there to be a little learning curve the first time or two (really just getting familiar with the code layout). After that, it became pretty straightforward. 

I will say that I found the ability to Test the plugins as I was developing them to be lacking (or my knowledge of how to do so could have been the problem). My approach was to develop it, deploy it, see if it worked.