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Connecting to SAP ECC on premise using a plugin

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Connecting to SAP ECC on premise using a plugin

I am new to Dataiku and am trying to connect to data in SAP ECC using a data connector or plugin. How would I go about this and does this incur additional cost for connecting to this data?

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Hi @codybryan23 ,

If I understand, correctly you should be able to the SAP ODATA connector for SAP ECC
The plugin is available here :

In terms of additional costs, are you referring to licensing costs in Dataiku? If so , there would be no additional costs to using this plugin.

Kind Regards,

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Hi @AlexT 

I have to SAP which is SAP ECC v.7 and SAP EHP 1. Can both of it able to connect using SAP ODATA connector? My DSS version is 9.0.5.


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