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Conundrum 25: Feature Visualisation

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Community Manager
Conundrum 25: Feature Visualisation

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It’s our 25th Conundrum 🎉 - 1/4th of the way to triple digits and oh so close to 6 great months of challenges. To celebrate let’s take a look back at one of our best and ask ourselves ‘can we visualise that?’

In Conundrum 7: The Job Hunt: - we asked you to designed a model with some great data around British people and their employment status. 

Can you take a look back at the models created for Conundrum 7 and have a go at visualising their most important features?

Haven’t tried out the job hunt conundrum yet? No problem! We loved to see the the conversation this sparked in it's thread - and it serves as a great source of inspiration for you to use when trying it out for yourself. 


Good luck!

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