Cloning DSS settings to new install

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I am installing another DSS node and an Automation node. As I have a running DSS node I would like to know if there is way to copy all the configuration from DSS node to another DSS node. In particular I would like to have these settings replicated on a new DSS install:
Administration > License
Administration > Connections
Administration > Security
Administration > Code Envs
Administration > Settings
Administration > Plugins
Is there any way to do this, even if manually? Also can I replicate these settings to an Automation Node install? I am aware there is an API to do admin tasks but looking at the API documentation I don't see any options to copy the LDAP settings for instance or the additional settings for pip python code environments, etc. I had a look at the backup article: which I have used and it works fine but what I am trying to do now is basically clone a DSS setup with all the settings but without any user generated content such as projects, datasets, logs, etc. So perhaps the solution to my requirement could be to restore from a backup and then purge all the user data from DSS? Any ideas what is safe to delete?


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    Yes, the general recommendation for instance cloning is to copy entire DATA_DIR to a new server and then run 'dataiku-dss-<version>/ -d DATA_DIR -u' command like mentioned here.

    What about deleting something from the system, you can utilize our python or REST APIs to do this. For example, how to delete projects in python or via REST API.

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