Run Scenario after multiple scenarios have completed

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Hi - I am trying to create a scenario that will auto-trigger once other time-based scenarios (in other projects) have completed. I think this is possible for 1 scenario using "Trigger after scenario" which automatically checks the status of a scenario at the frequency you set but I can't figure out how to do this using more than 1 scenario. Example below:

Scenario A - Time-Based

Scenario B - Time-Based

Scenario C - Triggered after Scenario A AND B both finish successfully


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    Hi @FrankB1

    There could be several ways of building such case, and many would heavily depend on how A and B work and the integrations and capabilities you may have enabled in your instance.

    So the most agnostic solution would be to create a scenario D that has three steps.

    Step 1: Run scenario A

    Step 2: Run scenario B

    Step 3: Run scenario C

    Here, of course, I'm making the assumption that both A and B can be executed almost at the same time. Depending on how long it takes to run A, ie if it takes too long to wait to run B, then you could replace steps 1 and 2 with just one Python step where you trigger both scenarios simultaneously using the API.

    I hope this helps!

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