Is it possible to copy a visual recipe from one project to another?

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I have created a data cleaning recipe that is fairly generic and I would like to use in additional projects. I know that I can export my current project and use that as a "template" of sorts to create a new project, but I would rather have a set of recipes that I could export/import or copy from one project to another. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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    Hi James,

    Within the interface, you could structure the datasets and projects differently:

    • have a project "data cleaning" with all datasets you want to clean
    • use your celaning recipe in this project only, so it's easy to copy it to use it on various datasets
    • expose the cleaned datasets to other projects

    Alternatively, a hack would be to create a new recipe in the new project, then edit its json definition (which is data_dir/config/projects/PROJECTKEY/recipes/foo.shaker ) , taking the json definition of your generic recipe as inspiration.

    We're thinking about ways to improve this.

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