Scenario Conditional on Dataset Metric

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Hi Community!

I would like to be able to have an automated scenario that runs through if a dataset's record count metric is > 0 but halts (also with SUCCESS) if the record count metric == 0.

More specifically, and by way of illustration, a scenario that does:

Step#1: build dataset A

Step#2: compute metrics on dataset A

Step#3: set a scenario variable v = row count metric on dataset A

Step#4: build dataset B if v > 0

Any ideas would be really welcome, thanks!


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  • Mattsco
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    Hi Nik,

    You can add a check on the metric row_count.
    A check is a condition that depends on a metric, here the check would be a success if it's above or equal 1:

    Capture d’écran 2020-07-20 à 23.27.15.png

    If not the check is going to fail.

    So then in your scenario
    - step 3 is: run this check.
    - step 4 is: build dataset B if no prior step failed. (you have this option in the step options)



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