New ML Practitioner Learning Path Launched on Dataiku Academy

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The Dataiku Academy is excited to announce its latest learning path, focused on providing both foundational knowledge in Machine Learning practices as well as introductions to more advanced topics, helping you enhance your skills as an ML Practitioner.


The new learning path includes three mandatory courses: Machine Learning Basics, Scoring Basics, and Interactive Visual Statistics.

There are also a number of optional courses that will open over the following weeks to help you hone your ML skills and learn even more. If you’re new to machine learning, you may want to explore the introductory courses around ML theory and statistical analysis. If you’re already familiar with the basics, you can extend your knowledge in the areas of image classification, natural language processing (NLP), and time series.

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These optional courses are not required to receive certification, but are recommended as supplemental materials to reinforce concepts and learning.

Once you’ve completed the mandatory courses, you’ll be able to take the ML Practitioner certificate assessment from the Dataiku Academy and share your accomplishments with others via a dedicated Community badge.

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If you missed the original launch of Dataiku Academy, check out the recording of the launch webinar. If you have other questions about this learning path, or any other Dataiku Academy offered materials, please be sure to check out the Academy Discussion board or email for assistance.


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