API to create a directory under a managed folder not local

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Hi again,

I've a managed folder under HDFS and want to create a subfolder under it but cannot find under the

API documentation the method or the function to do it. How can this be done ? It should be possible

because from the UI that is possible...

Thanks. Regards.


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  • daida
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    Hi fchataigner2,

    the upload_data() only exists in dataiku package. How can I do it outside of DSS? In the dataikuapi package there is no this method but put_file(). However put_file() doesn't create the subdirectory automatically like upload_data().

  • Damien13
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    Here is a function that addresses your need

    def make_dir(managed_folder_id, subfolder_rel_path):
        create a subfolder in a folder
        subfolder_path is relative path such as "subfolder/"
            or "my/subfolder/path/"
        the function will create all necessary subfolders if several are nested and not created yet
        if a folder already exists, the function will not create it, and not delete the content of it
        # Get the folder
        client = dataiku.api_client()
        project = client.get_default_project()
        folder = project.get_managed_folder(managed_folder_id)
        # Create an empty file called "empty_file.txt" in the current working directory
        file_path = "empty_file.txt"
        open(file_path, "w").close()
        subfolder_rel_path_with_file = os.path.relpath(
            os.path.join(subfolder_rel_path, "empty_file.txt")
        # Put the file into the DSS managed folder
        contents = folder.put_file(subfolder_rel_path_with_file, os.path.abspath(file_path))
        # delete the file that has been copied to the subfolder
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