Errors encountered in setting up API Nodes

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My DSS instance is deployed on a regular GCP compute instance. I was trying to deploy an API for my predictive model, but I kept running into issues with the API nodes in the API Deployer Infrastructures. Is there any documentations on how to properly set up API nodes?

The error message shows "Expected a but was". Wanted to see if I can get some help with setting up API nodes properly that works with GCP. Thanks!




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    First of all, are your API nodes and API deployer running the same version of DSS ? Was the model that you are trying to deploy trained with the same version of DSS ?

    If there are no version mismatches, please open a support ticket as described in

    In your support ticket, please include:

    • An instance diagnosis of your API deployer node. Go to Administration > Maintenance > Diagnostic tool and send us the resulting file. Note that you need to be administrator of the DSS instance - else you'll need to ask your admin.
      If the resulting file is too large for mail (> 15 MB), you can use to send it to us. Please don't forget to send the link that is generated when you upload the file.
    • The "run/apimain.log" file from your API node
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