Securing access to webapp back-ends from outside of DSS

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I'm trying to figure out how to restrict access to API back-ends when creating custom Python webapps.

If I create a webapp with Python backend, the flask routes are accessible to anyone outside of DSS who knows the url (/web-apps-backends/PROJECTID/APPID/some/endpoint).

Is there a way to force users to attach an API key? Ideally I would like users to use their Dataiku Personal API Keys and then infer the user making the request from the personal key in Python. Is this possible (or is there a better way to enforce authentication)?

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    Indeed, this sample requires access to the backend from a logged browser, which is the primary use case for webapps.

    For programmatic access, we'd simply recommend that the caller pass a DSS API key, and that the backend uses this API key to make calls to DSS, which will validate the validity of the API key, and can validate the identity of the user (if it's a personal API key).

    Something like (pseudo-code):

    def get_sensitive_data():
       api_key_sent_by_client = request.headers.get("X-DKU-APIKey")
       # Replace by your DSS port
       api_client = dataikuapi.DSSClient("", api_key_sent_by_client)
       # If the API was not valid, this call will fail
       auth_info = api_client.get_auth_info()
       return json.dumps({"you_are": auth_info["authIdentifier"]})

    With client code like:

    resp = requests.get("/web-app-backend/..../sensitive-data", headers= {"X-DKU-APIKey": "219DSGJLSKDAZEOKJ12390dskfe23"})
    print("I am: %s" % resp.json())


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