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Hi All,

Certain cells in an Excel dataset have an array of data in it but instead of a comma or any visible separator- some users end up doing an Alt+Enter that will put the next value below the first.

When we load it to Dataiku, it shows as a Pilcrow symbol (¶) and even if I create a step in the recipe to remove it, it just stays there. Can I please see your advise how I can fix this? Please see attached file.

Thanks so much and happy to be part of this community.


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  • EdSianghio
    EdSianghio Registered Posts: 2 ✭✭✭✭

    It works! Thanks so much

  • ATsao
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    Hi Ed,

    This is occurring because the underlying rows/data does not actually contain a pilcrow. You can confirm this is the case by adding a row in your excel file (or another file) that actually includes a pilcrow, and you'll find that the find and replace works. In actuality, it is still a line break and the pilcrow is merely indicating that this is the case.

    As my colleague suggested, you could try using "\n" instead in the Find & Replace processor. Otherwise, code recipes could be another option as well.

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