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I'm searching a solution to connect the customer activity table to my customer profil table.

I tried the function join and group without success. DSS created new row in my customer profile table

If someone has a tip to connect my timeseries I'm interested :)


  • Clément_Stenac
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    You're definitely looking for the "Join" recipe.

    * Add first your "time series" dataset
    * Then add your "profile" dataset
    * Select customer id as the join key
    * In the columns selection, select all columns from the time series table and the additional columns that you want from the profile

    Assuming that there are no duplicates in your "profile", a regular ("inner") join will work.

    The output will contain one record per record in the "time series" dataset, with added customer profile info.

    Hope this helps,
  • loman
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    Thank you very much Clement. I'll try it :). Now i'm gonna try to group by customer Id in my output table.
  • loman
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    Well, don't work, i think i need to transpose from a Multiple-Rows-per-Subject(customer id) Data Set to a One-Row-per-Subject(customer id) Data Set. I need to invest in a ETL ^^
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