Can I send a CREATE TABLE statement to SQL DBs via the dataiku Python package?

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to launch a create table query onto a SQL DB and I want to use the Dataiku Python API package to do that;

I tried the following:

executor = SQLExecutor2(connection=cInfo['connectionName'])
x = executor.query_to_df('create table X(var1 int); select 1 as ready;')

I couldn't find a method in the package that let me run a query on a server without expecting a return value.

I'm looking for something on the lines of execute with the pyodbc python package, if its available.

Thanks in advance,




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    Hi @akshaykatre

    Yes, this is possible. An approach similar to what you propose worked for me on a couple of different SQL platforms. More information in this post.


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