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Hi All,

Is there a way to set up a dynamic filter, what I mean by that is, I am connecting my DB to DSS flow, and in my DB I have a data starting from 2014, is there a way to set up a filter that I won't need to update manually for getting only last 24 months from the max date I currently have in my DB?


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    If I’ve understood what you’re trying to do (I'm assuming you already have the data in DSS, among other things...), there’s a few ways you might accomplish this. One way would be to group the dataset to get the max_date, and then to join that resulting max_date back onto every row of the starting dataset. You can then 'filter using formula' in the filter recipe, or use a combination of processor/formulas—diff() will be handy—in the Prepare that will check if the date field you want to filter on is within 24 month of the max_date. When you re-build the datasets in the Flow, the filter will apply the date filter relative to the max_date you generated earlier.

    LMK if that helps!



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