Dataiku DSS integrates with RStudio

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Dataiku DSS has many features catering to R developers, including an integration with RStudio.

Like the DSS integrations with other IDEs, the integration with RStudio enables developers to pull code from R recipes into RStudio, edit the code there, and save it back to an R recipe (as shown in the video below).

The dataiku R package

The dataiku R package provides add-ins for connecting to a Dataiku instance and managing R recipes on the instance.

Once the package has been installed, configure a connection to an instance of DSS.


Once a connection has been configured, you can begin pulling code from R recipes into RStudio. This is one alternative for developing R code to the natively-integrated Jupyter notebooks.

What’s next?

  • See the reference documentation for more details on several integration points between DSS and RStudio.
  • Try out this hands-on tutorial to learn how to edit DSS recipes in RStudio.
  • You can find similar tutorials for DSS integrations with other IDEs, such as PyCharm, Sublime Text, and VS Code.
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