View more rows of predicted data for a model ?

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Is there a way to see the full dataset of the predicted data of a give model ? Right know it seems to be limited to only 50k rows, and with my filters on I only get to see a very small portion of the rows I would like to study in order to enhance my model.

Thanks !

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  • jrouquie
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    Hi Jérémie,

    The recommended way to get predictions for a full dataset is to

    • deploy your best model to the flow
    • use it to score a dataset (in your case, I guess it is the same dataset as the one used for training.

    See for a detailed explanation.

    Alternatively, in models → settings → Train & validation, you may change the dataset used for validation and get a report on the whole dataset. But beware that using the same data for training and validation yields artificially good performance, that will not generalize when predicting on new data.

    I hope this helps,


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