Easier Undo Actions in Dataiku DSS

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Hello, Dataiku users.

In my daily use of Dataiku, I find it very convenient overall, but the lack of an "undo" feature is often inconvenient.

Currently, Dataiku does not have a direct "undo" button or a "Ctrl+Z" function to immediately revert mistakenly deleted steps or recipes. If such a feature were available, I believe it would further improve work efficiency and allow for quick correction of mistakes.

Although there seems to be a way to restore deleted recipes through version control, it is not as straightforward as an "undo" function.


Benefits of an "Undo" Feature:

  • Efficient Workflow: Quick reversal of mistakes ensures that work can continue smoothly without interruption.
  • Error Reduction: Prevents errors that can occur when manually recreating steps, leading to more stable data processing.
  • Improved Usability: Makes the tool more user-friendly for both beginners and advanced users.

What are your thoughts and requests regarding the addition of this "undo" feature?

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