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I know @Michael Grayson is working in adding code blocks in a more intuitive way but I thought I raise another idea about the absolute mess that the current edit post is. The "Rich Editor" has 4 different places where we can format a post all compiting to do the same thing:

  1. The pilcrow on the left: This is the one I hate most. It's on an awkward place and requires multiple clicks to perform single actions
  2. The hover over menu: This is only shown if you select some text so it's hard to discover.
  3. The bottom icon toolbar: This is where most people expect things to be but it's very limited for no practical reason.
  4. The Image-management options hover menu: This one seems to be buggy in that it only appears after I add an image which if I move the image down I can never get the image menu to popup again.

I am sorry if I am sound too critical but how can this 4 different ways of doing something be a good GUI design? How are people going to learn where to do each of the different formatting options? Why can't we have a single toolbar with all the options in one place like all other forums do? How is this design going to encourage people to use more features? In my view this is a case of trying to change something for the sake of changing it where there is no real benefit. The Advanced Editor looks so much better to me.

At the end of the day I think the higher logic vanilla issue is that they trying to force their ideas an every user. Users should be able to decide which editor they can use rather than being a site wide setting. Assuming everyone likes this new menus-all-over-the-place editor is in my view a major product flaw. Empower people to work in the ways they want.

Ps: I can't see an option to underscore text.

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The text editor is under review.


  • Michael Grayson
    Michael Grayson Administrator, Dataiker, Alpha Tester, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Community Team Posts: 295 Administrator

    Hey Turri, first off - I don't think you sound overly critical, this editor for sure has some UX issues. I appreciate your frank feedback.

    A user based setting would be ideal - I think that's unlikely to be feasible but I will investigate.

    Let me look more into this and get back to you.

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