Recipe failed but notebook runs (same code environment)

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My recipe failed to resolve a pip package I installed on code env. The same code runs well on Notebook area but failed on recipe using the same code env. I suspect the recipe uses old version of the code env but I have no way of forcing it to use the latest code env build.


Operating system used: Windows

Operating system used: Windows

Operating system used: Windows


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    Hey @rdagumampan ,

    Usually it's the other way round: The notebook is set on the kernel that was active before you updated your environment code, so it's on the old version, but in your case; Have you tried switching to another environment code, save the change and then switching back? If not, open your recipe code in a notebook, apply the changes and save the notebook as recipe code, at least you can make a copy of your recipe in your flow so that we can more easily determine where things are going wrong.

    By the way, whats the exact error message from your code recipe ?

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