Prepare recipe: the preview is full of data but the results are empty

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Hello Community,

I am actually helping one of my team work on preparation of data with:

- Prepare recipe (running in Partially in database) engine. (Due to multiple data connections)

- with some simple script elements (parse data, extract data componants)


the preview is as it is as you can see the data is present in the simple:


when I run this recipe the output is always empty.

for me I think it's an issue of nocode to code translation in SQL (for Oracle).

-> when I switch the recipe to SQL recipe the issue still there as Oracle cannot output any results.

cannot run this recipe in DSS engine due to memory usage (more than 5M lines).

Is this an Issue for all users with same specs. Or it is just us.

* elements as name of the columns, data, company name or any other GDPR related data has been censored.

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    Please avoid duplicate posting here and in the Support channel. We'll get back to you there in due course. Thanks.


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    What about the job log message with the empty table as output ? Does it specify that rows are being yritten or possibly a warning message as header ?

    By the way, if you isolate the execution of only the date parsing steps, what do you get? If it's empty, you should look at the availability of your dbase

    Also, the column change steps match well with the names? columns. It may also fail to find the tables and create empty columns.

    But again, you specify that the job does not end because of memory usage, which would simply explain why the output table is empty if the job is aborted because of this ? Ask your administrator for check ressources control limit in administrations settings.

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