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Are managed folder contents entered into any type of logging system, backup system, or version control? Ie. can those contents be found in other places than the managed folders themselves? I'm assuming that's not the case, and the actual managed folder is the only place that the contents/data is actually stored in; want to make sure I understand correctly!

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    Managed folders sit on various types of supported file system connections like local storage, remote mounts, cloud storage, etc. The type of logging system, backup system, or version control will be dependent on the technology you use for the file system connection. But irrespective of what’s available in the technology the responsibility for managing those features is with you not Dataiku. This is exactly the same as when you connect Dataiku to a database. It’s up to you to backup that data in that database.

    So to sum up whether the data exists somewhere else I can not say because it will depend on where is the data stored and what features that technology supports and your storage administrator has implemented. But from the Dataiku point of view there is just one copy in the same way that a database is only a single copy of the data.


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