Add test button for SQL query change and Custom trigger scenario triggers

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Users love the flexibility of having SQL query change and custom trigger (Python) scenario triggers. However these two types of triggers involve custom user code and they are not easy to test since the user would need to either wait for Dataiku to execute them and check the logs or take the SQL / Python code outside of the trigger to test the code execution which is not a good user experience. This lack of easy testing of these triggers leads to coding errors which then result in constantly failing triggers which waste lots of CPU cycles (as these type of triggers tend to be executed very frequently) and flood the backend.log with errors.

This idea is for a test button to be added to SQL query change and custom trigger scenario triggers. This could simply be a Test button on the Trigger definition which allows the trigger to be executed. The result of the execution should simple be a message saying the trigger executed successfully or the trigger failed.

But I will also love to see something else done. By default when adding a SQL query change and custom trigger scenario triggers they are created as Active (the On button is enabled). I would want to see these triggers created as Off with the On/Off disabled by default. The user would then need to first press the Test button and execute the trigger successfully before they are allowed to enable the new trigger. This should be enforced every time the trigger is changed. While it sounds a bit extreme to force users to test their code before it's allowed to be enabled I think it will lead to much better user outcomes.

Note: I am not suggesting that this test logic should be applied to recipes for instance. But I think it's important to treat these two types of triggers differently and they have a huge potential to impact the system's compute resources and logging capabilities.

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