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I want to create a new macro on my custom Design Node instance.

However I see that you can make plugins or applications but for a simple macro?

Also, I see that there are macros in the dataiku store that offer ‘pick list’ type parameters.
How can we do this at our level?

Thank you for help

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    I think you've missed a dataiku concept. You should go through this page :

    When developing a plugin you create a custom service that you want to integrate into the platform and on the summary page of your plugin dev interface you can 'add new component' such as macros, visual recipes etc. that will be associated with your plugin.

    So for your macro you need to create a plugin in development and then add a macro component that will be associated with it.

    And for the second part of your question, as writte in the documentation link I shared you above, when you edit your plugin you will see the runnables.jsonn and files for your macro folder. And when you define your params inside you .json file you can specify what kind of 'type' you want to define so, in your case the ‘SELECT’ type can corresponds to what you need. In attachment a exemple with how to define value argument of your select list param.


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