Run a Application Receipe from Python Receipe

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I created an application recipe in project A, which I want to use in project B.
This recipe requires multiple parameters as input.

In project B, these parameters are defined in my variables.
As the application recipe does not allow for a reference to these variables, I try to find a work around for this.

I initially create a separate python recipe which I can run. This recipe updates the parameters (based on the variables) and runs the application recipe. However, I prefer to find a solution where everything is integrated in one recipe. Therefore I am wondering:

  • Is it possible to instead define the application recipe from a python recipe?
  • If so:
    • How can I set the required parameters and defined the output?
    • How can I set the output file?
    • How can I ensure the application is build?

Any insights or solutions are greatly appreciated!
Also, please let me know if you need any clarification.

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