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Hello, i'm running into an error while setting up connection to dataiku. I use ojdb8 and setup the connection which is 'ok' but when I try to query dd I got this error bellow.

Connection OK, but cannot list tables: ORA-17056: Non-supported character set (add orai18n.jar in the classpath): EE8ISO8859P2

I've downloaded orai18n here and then I've done these action

vi ~/.bashrc
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/data/dataiku/dss_data/lib/jdbc/orai18n/*

Is this the correct way?

Operating system used: aws_cloudstack

Operating system used: aws-cloudstack


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    Hi @abdoulaye

    Based on the documentation, if you copy the jar file in DATA_DIR/lib/jdbc folder, it should already be in the java CLASSPATH and there is no need to add it to the environment variable anymore. It is important to stop DSS before adding the jar file and start afterwards.

    Your approach should also work as long as you did the modification of the .bashrc under the dataiku user and bash is being used as shell (.bashrc is an initialisation script for bash only) as the DSS service starts and you will need to restart the service in this case too (because otherwise the environment would not be propagated).

  • Abdoulaye
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    I've removed the exported path and just added the oari18n to lib/jdbc/oracle/ folder where I've also je ojdbc used by this connection.

    This did not solve the issue. GET TABLE LIST has still the error but when I enter a specific table name and schema I' get the data.

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    Did you restart DSS?

  • Abdoulaye
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    Hello, the issue is that because our old Oracle Database is not compatible with the driver version; It's an old one so it has limited feature. I can read table but need to enter manualy in field or use SQL Query.

    I got answer from Dataiku Support


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