Filtering sample: Your user profile does not allow you to perform this action

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When looking at the sample of a dataset and trying to filter this sample, my colleagues with an EXPLORER profile get the following error message:
"Your user profile does not allow you to perform this action
Your user profile does not allow you to write project content.
This error typically requires configuration from your administrator. Your administrator needs to change your user profile."

I have also attached a screenshot of the message, it appears after editing the filter of the dataset sample for any dataset.

Is there a way to give them the rights to change the filters of the sample without giving full rights to write project content? I should note that they can still change the filter of the sample but it does not save this filter and the error itself is quite annoying as they have to spend a lot of time adjusting these samples.

Operating system used: Windows

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    In short the answer to your question is No. Changing a filter in the Sample of a Dataset writes the sample state to the dataset so this error is expected. If you need to expose data to other users you can use a Dashboard which will not require write permissions on the project. Alternatively you could also develop your own custom webapp which will also not require project permissions.


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