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dataiku_xqcow Registered Posts: 1

I am trying to import a PDF file to read data and checking this tutorial:Tutorial | Managed folders - Dataiku Knowledge Base.

But I meet a new problem:

I don't have admin permission to create or edit python env. to install the package.

Is there any way to install the package only in my project?


  • Turribeach
    Turribeach Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Neuron, Dataiku DSS Adv Designer, Registered, Neuron 2023 Posts: 1,726 Neuron

    You don't need to be an admin to install packages in a code environment. You just need the "Create code envs" group permission to create a new code environment or the "Manage all code envs" group permission to manage them all. These are not admin permissions and any regular user can have them. Failing that the admin can create a new code environment for you and give you specific permissions on it so you can manage it. There is no other way to install Python packages in Dataiku. Without the ability to install Python packages Dataiku is pretty much useless since the power to use code is lost.

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