How to create a sequence number

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I have a table with four 3 columns, date, color and time. Im trying to create some kind of sequence field that takes into consideration the first time the color was seen on a specific day.

Ex. green was seen on 4/24 at 15:00 and again on 4/24 at 15:30 and again at 15:45, because 3 is the earliest I want that sequence number to be 1, then 15:30 as 2 and 15:45 as 3, essentially raking then dependent on which one was seen first on a specific day.

Ex. blue was seen on the 25th at 15:00 and again at 15:55 so I want that first instance to have a sequence number of 1 and the second to have a sequence number of 2.

Ive attached a sample of my desired output below.


it that possible? and if so, how would I accomplish that within Dataiku?

Operating system used: windows



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    Thank you for uploading dummy data, makes it much easier to respond. Use a Window recipe.

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