AWS Bedrock Connectivity Issue

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I am able to connect to AWS S3 bucket with Access key and Secret key. But When I try to connect AWS bedrock using the s3 connection I am getting error.

I have AWS bedrock Full Access permissions. I Have access to two models in AWS. I am trying to connect those model by selecting only them, But even then I am getting error as follows;

Connection to Bedrock failed: Error connecting to model AWS Titan Text G1 Express (connection: awsbedrockcheck): {"message":"Signature not yet current: 20240423T192154Z is still later than 20240423T065557Z (20240423T065057Z + 5 min.)"}

Kindly help me to fix this issue. There is no enough documentations w.r.t Bedrock connectivity. Thanks in Advance

Operating system used: Windows



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