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Despite going through documentation multiple times, I still don't really understand how dates work in DSS. I'm importing dataset from a connection. Without turning on any of the options in Date & Time handling, this is how data looks like:

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 12-43-23 (13) KB_TLA_V3 - Settings Dataiku.png

It says that the data type is string, while in the database itself it is, in fact, of type DATE.

Now, if I enable "Date & Time handling" checkboxes for our local timezone (Asia\Baku), I get this:

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 12-45-31 (13) KB_TLA_V3 - Settings Dataiku.png

Which makes it date (if I update the schema tab), but puts date 4 hours behind. If I put timezone to "UTC", the date will display correctly. But only in this dataset. If I then do some work with it and store it in another dataset on a different connection (for example), I will see time difference again.

Hence, my question is this: how should I properly import dataset, so that I can both use appropriate data types, and have actual time and date information exactly as it is in the source database?

Operating system used: CentOS 7

Operating system used: CentOS 7

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