Inquiry on Setting Up Educational Environment and Monitoring Student Progress

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Dear Dataiku Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am keenly interested in leveraging the Dataiku platform as the central tool for my educational initiative.

Given the hands-on approach, I aim to provide each students with individual accounts to facilitate personalized learning experiences. The group would comprise of approximately 10 students, and I plan to engage them with practical assignments, collaborative projects, and self-paced learning activities using Dataiku.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on a few key points:

Individual Accounts: Is there a straightforward way to set up individual student accounts en masse? If so, could you please outline the process or direct me to the appropriate resources?

Educational Environment: Does Dataiku offer any specific features or editions tailored to educational settings that would support a classroom of our size? We are particularly interested in any functionalities that might enhance collaborative learning and hands-on engagement with projects.

Monitoring Progress: An essential component of our educational approach involves tracking student progress and providing timely feedback. Could you provide information on the capabilities within Dataiku that allow educators to monitor student activity, project developments, and overall engagement? Additionally, any tips on best practices for utilizing these features would be invaluable.

Resources and Support: Lastly, we would appreciate any details on educational resources, documentation, or support services available from Dataiku that can aid in enriching our curriculum and ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for our students.

We are excited about the prospect of incorporating Dataiku into our educational toolkit and are eager to explore the platform's full potential in fostering a data-driven learning environment. Your advice and insights on these matters would be greatly appreciated and instrumental in shaping our approach.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your response and any recommendations you may have.


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    Hi there! Thanks for reaching out with your interest in using Dataiku for your course! My name is Grace Corey and I manage our Academic Program.

    Through our Academic Program, we offer free access to the Dataiku platform for all faculty, staff, students, and researchers at academic institutions. Our Dataiku Cloud for Academics environment allows faculty to manage their "virtual classroom" and students are able to collaborate in real time on group projects or assignments.

    More information on Dataiku Cloud for Academics:

    • You are the administrator of the instance, so you will be able to add students via email to your course and assign them as students or additional admins (TAs or GAs). Students would accept your invitation to join the course and set up their own academic accounts.
    • Each Cloud instance can hold up to twenty (20) users, with the possibility of creating multiple instances for courses with over twenty students enrolled.
    • Students are able to collaborate with one another in real time and it is all hosted in a secure online environment.
    • As the space administrator, you have the ability to view all student projects and progress from one centralized launchpad. Additionally, if you assign students Academy modules, I can send reports to monitor students' progress in the Academy.
    • The environment supports a multitude of integrations and plug-ins. The Cloud Knowledge Base is a great resource to review to see all capabilities.

    In addition to free access to the Dataiku platform, all members of the academic community have access to our free Dataiku Academy and Community. These are great resources for upskilling, learning, and connecting with other Dataiku users.

    If you are interested in using Dataiku in your course, can you fill out this form to give me more information regarding your classroom needs? Please feel free to reach out to me directly via email ( if you have any further questions!

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