Dataiku should support Gaussian Splats

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I think it would be great if Dataiku had a plugin that could create Gaussian splats. These would be useful for a variety of purposes. For example to re-create 3D scenes from videos or photos. I am sure many companies and organizations would be interested in that. Gaussian splats are in a sense point clouds created from 2D images or videos to generate "fuzzy" 3D worlds.

You can read more about Gaussian Splats here:

Luma AI also has a web demonstration you can look at: t

I am unaffiliated with Luma AI. I just saw their website.

Maybe the Gaussian Splat implementation could be a plugin. It could for example:
- Deduce point cloud coordinates from pictures.

- Create 3D worlds from point clouds.

- Deduce point cloud coordinates from videos or frames in videos.

Thanks for reading my idea. Have a great day.

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