Webapps: Error when starting backend

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I have an issue when running webapps backend. I get following error "

Oops: an unexpected error occurredUnknown AuthCtx identifier: <user_id_herexxxx>Please see our options for getting helpHTTP code: 403, type: com.dataiku.dip.exceptions.DKUSecurityException

any ideas why this is happening ? how to solve it ?

A first look at log shows that error is related to a not found user. Think this is related to user deletion which happened some time ago.

Reading dataset failed: b"Failed to read variables, caused by: DKUSecurityException: Cannot retrieve user/admin properties, caused by: NotFoundException: User 'username' doesn't exist"

many thanks

Operating system used: Windows

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    Check the Webapp settings. What user is it set to run as? Has that user been deleted or its profile changed?


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