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I am passing the Core Designer Certification and I am stuck at the filter on the year :
- Merge the information from the three datasets into a single dataset. We recommend using the CO2_and Oil.csv dataset as the base (left dataset) for merging other datasets
- Include only data from the year 2008 up to and including 2012 in your analysis.

I have merged the 3 datasets, but when I try to add a post-filter : formula : 2008<Year<=2012
it gives me an empty dataset.
For information I have changed the storage type of the Year column to integer.


  • Sean
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    Hi @clarachac
    , one tip I can suggest if you haven't tried this already. First run the recipe without the filter. If it succeeds, you have narrowed down the problem to the filter. Then I'd double check the logic on the filter. For example, AND vs OR conditions? You also mention using a post-filter. Do you think a pre-filter could also work?

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