Dataset approval workflow similar to Dataiku Govern

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Hi @Everyone,

I would like to implement the approval workflow for one or different versions of Datasets while publishing it to a Collection. This will assist us in avoiding any drastic change in data which could cause an issue in downstream flows. So, intentional pipeline would be:

  1. A flow will be triggered, which will perform some business logic in a project.
  2. Once this flow ends, we would like to make this data available for larger audience in Dataiku instance.
  3. This data can be shared to other projects using a curated Data Collection of Data Catalog.
  4. But when I update the data in my project, it will be reflected in all of the projects where it is consumed.
  5. As a producer/maintainer of Source dataset, I would like to have some process similar to Dataiku Govern piece (which is present for Bundles and Models) which would enable maintainers to either allow or dis-allow any change in dataset for public collection.
  6. Similarly, as a consumer of Source dataset, I would like to have same process to agree or decline this change in dataset.

Question is:

  • Is there any way to achieve it with out-of-the-box functionalities ?
  • OR, is it in pipeline for later releases ?
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