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I'd asking about Jobs section in the following page "/admin/monitoring/background-tasks" , how I can getting this data using HTTP API or python API.



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    Hi @abdulmalik1

    There is no public API for "background-tasks" specifically. We've taken note of this feature request.

    Note list_futures() API will return running tasks with the exclusion of scenarios, jobs, and notebooks. This generally captures "other running tasks", specifically webapp backends and code studios.

    From what I understand, what you want is a "list_running_jobs(") API. This currently does not exist, and the only way to obtain running job information would be through iterating through the list_jobs() API and parsing the response. For activities, you can obtain the number of running activities per job from the list_jobs() API so, note you need to iterate trough each project and in instances with lots of projects this can be costly.

    import dataikuclient = dataiku.api_client()#get current projectproject = client.get_default_project()#to get all projects job in project.list_jobs():job_id = job['def']['id']job_object = project.get_job(job_id)if job_object.get_status()['baseStatus']['state'] == 'RUNNING':print(job_object.get_status()['globalState'])


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