Establish a dynamic connection between a dataset in Dataiku and Excel

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I would like to be able to create a dynamic connection between a dataset in Dataiku and Excel, so that any changes in Dataiku would be automatically refreshed in an Excel file.

There is a plugin available that connects Dataiku and Power BI dynamically. Please see the link below:

Plugin: Microsoft Power BI | Dataiku

My question is if there is a similar way of connecting dynamically Dataiku and Excel.

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Operating system used: Windows

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  • Turribeach
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    Not as a plugin but you don't need much to do this. Add a Python recipe to your last flow output dataset and write the output as a Excel file in a Dataiku Managed Folder. For an even more seamless integration you could mount your network share in Dataiku, create a new File System Connection and place the Dataiku folder there so that users could see the Excel file in their network share without you have to send it to them.

  • me2
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    There are two additional options available if you use Microsoft 365 and2 excel file options as well.

    1) Dataiku is able to connect to Sharepoint and Dataiku can export to a Sharepoint folder.

    2) Dataiku is able to connect to OneDrive and Dataiku can export to a OneDrive folder.

    There are differences on the Excel side on how one is able to interface/link to that file and worth exploring before deciding.

    Dataiku is able to write as an Excel file as @Turribeach
    mentioned. Also if there is multi-sheet option but that saves the file in a compressed folder.

    Happy Dataiku'n!

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