How to re-run a failed job from automation monitoring

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After looking around what feels like everywhere I can't find the "correct" way to re-run a failed job from the automation monitoring.

If I press open a failed run, then go to the failed job there is a button "Retry this job", this will re-run the job but it won't show up as a run in the automation monitoring so you can't see that it has succeeded.

Another thing I tried was to go in and manually triggering the job (if I do this the day after the scenario failed then I need to hard code the dates because setting the dates happens in the scenario).
Doing this will show up under "runs" in the automation monitoring, but it even though the last run for the day says 'success' it will still be displayed as a red line for that day.

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  • Alexandru
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    Hi @JensL

    Automation monitoring is populated based on an auto-triggered scenario run. If the scheduled scenario fails you, the status will not change in this view. Manual job or scenario do not show up here.

    Perhaps you can opt to use retries within your scheduled scenario to avoid failure status. If the retries are successful, the final status shown in the Automation monitor will be a success.

    Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 8.46.30 PM.png

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    Another thing you could is to add a Dataset Modified trigger to all your scenarios. Then point it to a n editable dataset you can add to all your flows which you can modify every time you want to re-run a scenario. Or you could use a SQL table, up to you. That will result in an auto-triggered scenario run which will be displayed in Automation Monitoring.

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