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hey everyone, (happy new year !!)

i'm new to dataiku, and i have to follow some courses in there... but in order to do so, i should have access to the DSS, unfortunately since i have been given access, every weekends when i want to complete some courses, the DSS run into " 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable " !!

my question is : does that impact everyone (i mean you all) or only my company , does someone experience such a fail ??

i can't even write directly to a support , since they are only available in the DSS, aren't they ?

if you can bring me some info , thank you

good day !

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  • Turribeach
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    There are many different Dataiku versions (see here) so without knowing what your company is using it's hard to say it's common problem. Irrespective of this I will suggest you install the Free version in your own computer. While you won't be able to access all features (see above link and scroll down), you will have access to most of them. And above all this shouldn't shutdown over the weekend as it will be your own custom instance.


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